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Other Interesting Recommandations of Food and Drinks by BAE!!!
Main Courses!!! Desserts!!! Beverages!!!

Here are some recommanded appetizers and delectable dishes. Believe us, they taste SUPER BAE!!!

The images and facts below are all borrowed from Google and Wikipedia!!!!!!!!

  • Sushi
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of a pumpkin

    Sushi originated from Japan and they are now commomly made and sold in many places, for example: Amercia, Korea and China. Sushi is made of rice, seaweed, and seafood/veggies also raw fishes. Most sushi come in rolls. The interior is usually where the veggies, meat, seafoods are placed.Then around that, there's rice and dry seaweeds are wrapped around the rice.They may come in a variety of shapes.

    Below are some top recommended sushi(from wikipedia):

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of a pumpkin

  • Ramen
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    Asian noodles that influenced other noodle products in the world. Cooked with meat, veggies or seafood. Delicious!!!!!!! Another recommanded item you may add to Ramen is steamed egg!!!!!!!!(FROM WIKIPEDIA)

  • Dumplings
  • Dumpling is a traditional asian food. The outside is made of dough, while the inside may consist of a variety. Some include seafood, meat or vegtables. The best dumplings are usually steamed(FROM WIKIPEDIA). Different Types of Dumplings Recommanded By Bae:

      Chicken Pork Shrimp Vegtable


  • Scallion Pancakes
  • Scallion Pancakes are Asian pancakes made of scallions and rolled dough. Usually very thin and salty. They are then put to pan fried which finally becomes the ones below(FROM WIKIPEDIA):

  • Tornado Potato
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    This is basically taking a potato and cut it up in a tornado shape and then put on a stick. Some may include sausage or meat in the middle. This is fried cooked and is a popular Korean street treat.(FROM WIKIPEDIA)


  • BBQ
  • Dishes

    I bet you all are familar with this, so no need for further explanations on this:).

    Here are some other highly recommanded desserts, drinks and main dishes: